Month: February 2015

Youth Digital Wins 2015 Parents’ Choice® Gold Medal Award

With the new emphasis on “teaching kids to code,” we’ve seen a lot of great tools to help kids master the concepts behind coding. Mod Design 1 actually teaches kids how to code using Java (a professional language used by programmers) and Minecraft, a game that has likely already captured your child’s interests.

Mod Design 1 course leads kids through the process of creating MineCraft mods, and in the process teaches them the basics of Java, the programming language that MineCraft was created in. Users log into the online course with the key included in the kit. Kids then have access to the excellent video training modules, quizzes, a programming environment and extensive online help resources. You will need a computer that runs MineCraft, a MineCraft account, and an internet connection.

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Forbes: Cracking the Code: Innovative Startups Bring Coding to the Masses

If ever there was an industry ripe for disruption, the US education industry is it. Statistics show that students educated in the U.S. K-12 system consistently rank below their peers on multiple key measures, particularly in the fields of science technology, engineering, and math (disciplines known as STEM). What’s more, among those students who express an interest in a STEM-related career when they enter high school, nearly 60 percent will change their minds before they graduate. So it’s perhaps not surprising that the World Economic Forum ranks the United States 52nd in the quality of math and science education, and 5th in overall global competitiveness. Clearly, something needs to be done.

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