Month: June 2015

Youth Digital Uses Minecraft® to Teach Programming

Minecraft, a popular online game for all ages, has been put to creative use as a teaching tool since its inception. Now, its educational applications are getting even more sophisticated: an online course called Server Design 1 uses the game to give kids an introduction to computer programming.

The course was designed by Youth Digital, a company that focuses on the technology education of kids 8-14, including coding, app development, and 3D modeling. With the Minecraft course, students learn to make mods for the game.

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Youth Digital Server Design Course for Kids

Kids learning about technology is an important skill in today’s world. Every job out there uses technology in one way or another and there are new advancements taking placing all the time making technology one of the most desirable and key job skills we can give our kids.

However not all of us parents and teachers are equipped to teach kids about the technology.

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CNET: Teaching Kids to Code Using Minecraft® Building Blocks

Parents might be happy to know their kids can get a head start in the competitive slipstream of computer programming by doing something they already enjoy — playing video games.

That’s the goal of Server Design 1, a new online course rolled out Tuesday by Youth Digital, a tech education company that teaches kids to code, develop apps, and design 3D modeling. The company’s new program allows kids to create their own worlds, with their own rules, all while playing the popular video game Minecraft with their friends.

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Exciting New Course Teaches Kids 8-14 to Code Their Own Minecraft® Server

Chapel Hill, NC — June 23, 2015 — Today, Youth Digital, the leading technology education organization for youth ages 8-14, announced the launch of Server Design 1, an exciting online course that teaches kids how to program and customize their own Minecraft® server. This engaging course extends the creativity of Minecraft® into coding.

Coding in Java from scratch, students will be able to make their server exactly the way they want. Kids will intrinsically learn programming concepts by adding new features to their servers. They’ll be able to invite their friends to join the Minecraft® world where they control the rules — and all of this will be done in Java.

“Server Design 1 is a unique approach to teaching fundamental coding skills in an engaging and interactive method by enabling kids to create their very own Minecraft® server,” said Justin Richards, Youth Digital’s CEO. “Kids can take their passion for Minecraft® and transform it into something amazing with a unique experience that they can share and enjoy with their friends. We are challenging kids to not just play, but to create.”

“Creating their own Minecraft® server mod is a pretty phenomenal achievement for a kid – or for most adults,” he added.

The fact that the course makes the server completely safe and secure from those who are not family and friends is a major point of attraction for parents.

Through Youth Digital’s Server Design 1, students learn basic programming concepts including methods and parameters, if-then and if-else statements, logical operators, variables types (strings, booleans, and integers), instantiation of new objects, array lists and random indexes.

The course involves a series of engaging activities, including watching videos, responding to questions, earning badges, and completing quizzes and challenging assignments. There are more than 30 hours of interactive lessons per course along with ongoing instructional support and technical support.

Cost for the 12-month Server Design 1 subscription: $249.99.

“I like that Server Design 1 teaches my son Java, a real programming language, in a way that is fun and interactive. It allows him to create his own world and share it with his friends,” said Kim Boyarski, a parent of a current student. “He has been very excited to show off his work thus far and what he’s been able to create. I’ve been impressed with what he could accomplish after a few short lessons.”

Youth Digital’s vision is to make advanced technology education available to every child. The company offers highly innovative courses that teach kids to code, develop apps, design 3D modeling, animate, and more.

The company’s sophisticated approach distinguishes it from typical computer science programs for kids. Through one-of-a-kind online classes, summer camps, and enterprise partnerships, Youth Digital revolutionizes technology education for boys and girls 8-14—enabling them to develop critical computer, programming and technology skills that rival college students and even professionals. Youth Digital doesn’t just show kids how to use technology, it teaches them to create.

About Youth Digital  
Youth Digital empowers youth to become digital creators, designers, animators, programmers and developers. Their mission is focused on “Creating Creators” through a breakthrough-learning platform that provides youth — between the ages of 8 and 14 — a comprehensive learning experience that is fun, interactive and rewarding. Students watch video tutorials, respond to questions, earn badges, complete interactive quizzes, and attempt challenging assignments as they step toward mastering critical technology skills and professional-level software.

Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Youth Digital was founded in 2010. Since then it has educated and encouraged more than 50,000 students through in-person classes, after-school programs, summer school programs and an expanding portfolio of introductory and advanced online courses. Today, students from around the world are enrolled in Youth Digital’s online classes in game development, mobile app design, Java programming, 3D printing & modeling, 3D animation, and more.

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