Month: September 2015

Coolest Creations by YD Kids: September Edition

We’re excited to kick off a new monthly series that shows off the awesome final projects created by Youth Digital students! Coolest Creations by YD Kids will showcase all the hard work our kids put into their final projects, as well as some of the tech skills they learned along the way.
​To kick it off, let’s take a look at “Arcade Closed,” a short animation by one of our students, KM!

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Kids in Tech Roundup for September

Welcome to Kids in Tech, our new monthly series where we highlight the coolest developments in technology made by kids! From fashion design to video game creation, kids are making a big impact in today’s tech world, and we want to celebrate their accomplishments.
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An Online Java Course for Kids, Taught via Minecraft®

At the beginning of the summer my son Ronan, age 12, and I built him his first high-powered gaming PC. Me being a dad and all, I did so happily, but with one proviso — he’d have to dedicate time every day to learning a programming language. He was slightly sceptical of this, having taken a few less-than-interesting intro to programming classes in the past. Prepared for this, I recommended that we enroll him in Youth Digital’s comprehensive Java course called Minecraft Server Desgin 1. This got his full attention, as he had dreams of creating his own custom servers and gameplay modes to host Minecraft sessions with his friends.

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Yahoo! News: How to Turn Your Kid into a Coder

The media (social and otherwise) has been buzzing lately about the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills to our collective future — and, as a consequence, about the importance of teaching them to our kids.

For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. will create 1.4 million jobs in computer science related fields by 2020. Obama’s 2009 Educate to Innovate initiative hopes to move American students from the middle to the top of the world pack in science and math over the next decade.

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Focus on the Creator: Tanay

Today, we’re launching a new monthly series called Focus on the Creator that will put the 7217472spotlight on awesome creators: our students! Each month we’ll interview a Youth Digital student and feature their awesome creations here on the blog.
We’re thrilled to introduce Tanay, a 13-year-old from St. Louis, MO. Tanay recently won our Summer Blockbuster Contest, and you can see his winning video at the end of the interview. Continue reading “Focus on the Creator: Tanay”

Online Course for Kids to Learn Technology

If your kids are anything like mine, they spend a LOT of time playing video games on their computers and phones. They are constantly obsessed with a new app or game or even the old favorite Minecraft. I love the creativity Minecraft promotes but I thought it was time to take the kids’ interest in technology to the next level.

So I was thrilled when we discovered Youth Digital’s online courses. Kids ages 8-14 can log onto an online course and learn how to create their own Minecraft server, design a fashion collection, animate a movie, design a 3D video game or even create a mobile app or video game.

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How to Keep Up with Your Tech-Savvy Tween

girl smartphoneThe lightning speed with which technology is evolving makes it near impossible for parents to keep up with their tech-savvy kids. It’s a constant battle to stay informed of what technology is safe and age-appropriate, but with open communication and a little research, parents can empower their kids to become educated, thoughtful tech consumers. Continue reading “How to Keep Up with Your Tech-Savvy Tween”

5 Things Every Parent Should Know About Minecraft


Many parents worry about their kids wasting time on video games, and also about the potentially violent or inappropriate content of those games. While it’s true that some video games aren’t suitable for kids, many games present a valuable learning opportunity and can be a productive use of your kids’ time.
One such game is Minecraft™, the explosively popular 3D block-based video game. Kids and adults alike spend hours building anything they can imagine in this game that pairs old-school looking graphics with a surprisingly sophisticated plot. Continue reading “5 Things Every Parent Should Know About Minecraft”

The Right Tech for Kids of Any Age


It’s common for kids today to have technology at their fingertips. Toddlers play on iPads, tweens tote their first iPhones, teens spend hours holed up on their laptops. And while technology appeals to kids of all ages, it’s ultimately up to parents to decide which gadgets their kids can use.

As kids are becoming technophiles at younger ages, parents must cut through the noise to figure out what technology is appropriate for their kids as they grow up. With the seemingless endless options of devices, apps, and games that kids crave, it’s important for parents to be informed of what exactly they’re giving their kids access to.

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