10 Essential Back-to-School Apps for Kids and Parents

1794448_origIt’s that time of year again: back to school! Kids and parents everywhere are preparing for the school year ahead with new gear, but that doesn’t mean just pencils and paper anymore. New technology tools and apps are making it easier than ever for you and your family to make the back-to-school adjustment.
Here are ten apps to keep your kids on track this year.1. LaLa Lunchbox (free)
LaLa Lunchbox is a fun app that allows kids and parents to plan meals together. This app makes a game out of planning healthy, nutritious meals for kids and provides parents with a handy grocery list of their kids’ choices. LaLa Lunchbox is a great way to take the headache out of planning meals for your family while also empowering kids to make their own food choices, which is key to developing healthy eating habits later in life.
2. Artkive ($4.99)
Artkive is the clutter-free way to save and enjoy your child’s artwork. When your child finishes their latest creation, simply open the Artkive app and capture a photo of the artwork or schoolwork. You can tag each work with your child’s name, the date, their grade and the title of the work. The app will store all of this information with the image so that you can find and access it anytime. Artkive also allows you to turn your child’s art and schoolwork into a book with just the click of a button, which is a great option for busy parents who don’t have time to DIY a scrapbook for each school year.
3. The Homework App (free)
With paper planners quickly becoming a thing of the past, The Homework App is a great alternative for today’s smartphone-toting students. Complete with a to-do list of tasks, easy color-coding for each class or subject, and a calendar with deadlines, your student will never miss an assignment!
4. Cozi (free)
Cozi is a must-have family app that helps you manage the chaos of back-to-school and everyday life with ease. With Cozi, you can track each of your family’s members schedules and calendars, create and share shopping lists, stores recipes and quickly update your grocery list, and more. The best part is that it’s accessible from any mobile device or computer, so your family can stay in sync from anywhere.
5. Family Locator (free)

Keep your kids safe and let your entire family stay in touch using Family Locator. This app tracks the location of your family members using their phones’ GPS, allowing you to make sure your kids stay in safe areas but also be notified when they leave or arrive at a location. Family Locator makes it easy for kids to send check-ins or SOS messages to their parents, while giving parents a way to check on their kids’ whereabouts anytime.
6. BigTent (free)
BigTent is a free online community that allows parents to connect with important groups in their lives, like parent groups, school clubs and neighbors. Inside the app you can share and read news, organize events and volunteers, and see the group calendar. With more than 1 million registered members and over 1,700 parenting groups, BigTent is one of the most active online communities for families. If your school is not already using BigTent, it is a great resource for you to connect with other parents.
7. Evernote (free)
Evernote is a single workspace for you to keep track of your life’s work. Great for kids and parents, Evernote makes it easy to organize notes, photos, online articles and more in a single space. Bonus: it’s easily searchable so you can always find that recipe or those class notes when you need it!
8. Notability ($5.99)
Notability is a web and mobile app designed to provide the optimal note-taking experience at school, at work or at home. Complete with handwriting and typing ability, Notability is a powerful yet simple note-taking app that also allows you to mark up PDFs, which is great for taking notes on lecture slides or filling out forms. Parents can use Notability to sign permission slips, make to-do lists and more, while kids can take notes in class and share group assignments in the cloud.
9. Quizlet (free)
Quizlet makes it super simple for kids to create flashcards for whatever subject they’re learning, or they can search for pre-made sets of flashcards to help them study. Great for visual and auditory learners, Quizlet features images and audio to make an engaging, fun flashcard experience for students that they can use anytime.
10. RedLaser (free)
This smart comparison shopping app lets you scan a product barcode and RedLaser will compare online and offline prices for the item. With many schools requiring parents to buy more supplies than ever before, RedLaser helps you ensure you’re getting the best deal.
These apps are sure to help you kick off this school year in an organized, productive manner. What are your family’s favorite apps?

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