Focus on the Creator: Tanay

Today, we’re launching a new monthly series called Focus on the Creator that will put the 7217472spotlight on awesome creators: our students! Each month we’ll interview a Youth Digital student and feature their awesome creations here on the blog.
We’re thrilled to introduce Tanay, a 13-year-old from St. Louis, MO. Tanay recently won our Summer Blockbuster Contest, and you can see his winning video at the end of the interview.
Youth Digital: Hey Tanay! Thanks for taking time to chat with us. To get started, can you tell us what Youth Digital courses you’ve taken?
Tanay: So far, I’ve taken Mod Design 1 and Server Design 1. I really want to take 3D Game Design 1 and App Design 1 next!
YD: That’s awesome! So, from the two courses you’ve taken, what’s the coolest thing you’ve learned?
Tanay: I think the coolest thing I learned is applying Java. Before Mod Design 1, my first course, I had no idea what Java was besides a type of coffee (and an island in Indonesia)! Youth Digital has helped me understand why Java can be applied to my real life and changed the way I look at everyday programs.
YD: So now that you’ve made your own server and your own Minecraft mods, what do you want to create next?
Tanay: I really want to create an app, or a professional game server with publicity. I want to continue to work through a variety of Youth Digital courses and learn all that there is before I go off on my own.
YD: We’re so glad to hear that! So what’s your favorite thing about Youth Digital?
Tanay: My favorite thing about Youth Digital is that you have such engaging videos, and it’s a great mix between taking action and watching instructions and explanations. I really love that it is not just formulas and cut and dry videos; you have great explanations as to why what we are doing is productive. This allows me to go above and beyond and continue to keep going with no limits. I really also like that there is interaction between the course instructors and that there are lots of great people to help out with any problems. My absolute FAVORITE thing is that there are no boundaries and EVERYTHING allows you to have fun with friends! I have had 15 people white listed to the server as well as a few friends who have loved playing my mod.
YD: Tanay, you just made our day! We’re so glad that we’ve inspired you to create. In closing, how has taking Youth Digital courses impacted your life?
Tanay: Youth Digital has been able to make me look at Minecraft in different ways, understand how servers work, and learn the world’s most universal programming language, Java. Had Youth Digital never been there, I would have been another person just playing the games, but now I am the person creating them. Youth Digital has given meaning to my life, and a reason I can give my parents to be playing video games! 🙂 Youth Digital really made the last summer super memorable and fun for me. I must have designed and programmed for hundreds of hours, and I had one of the best summer holidays because of it.
YD: This is why we do what we do– thank you for the reminder! Without further ado, let’s check out Tanay’s awesome work.

Tanay: I am so thrilled I won this contest. Six months ago I could not have imagined that I can program so much and write a Minecraft server. I have so many ideas for new projects now!
YD: And we can’t wait to see what you create next! Thanks for your time, Tanay.
Stay tuned next month for our next Focus on the Creator!
If you’re a Youth Digital student or parent who would like to have your creation featured, please contact Emily.

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