Kids in Tech Roundup for September

Welcome to Kids in Tech, our new monthly series where we highlight the coolest developments in technology made by kids! From fashion design to video game creation, kids are making a big impact in today’s tech world, and we want to celebrate their accomplishments.
Here are some of this month’s tech news stories featuring kids that we thought were particularly awesome!A dress made with code
As a part of Google’s Made with Code initiative, girls with an interest in fashion design got the chance to code designs that were used on a special LED dress designed by Project Runway judge Zac Posen. What’s even cooler is that the dress was worn by fashion model Coca Rocha on the runway at Fashion Week!
Kids can join in on the fun by making their own digital version of the LED dress. They’ll use an introductory programming language to customize their design, including colors, shapes, and movement.
The first 3D printed smartwatch for kids

Image via TechWorm

We loved this story about Omkar Govil-Nair, an 8-year-old aspiring programmer, who recently created the first 3D printed smartwatch for kids! Omar designed the O Watch to get other kids interested in programing and 3D printing. The O Watch is a DIY smartwatch kit that comes with a complete set of components and easy-to-use online instructions for kids to create their own smartwatch.
Omar premiered his creation at the San Francisco Maker Faire and recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter to make the O Watch available to kids worldwide. How cool!
Kidtrepreneurs on Shark Tank
Kids are no stranger to the stage on Shark Tank, the reality show that gives entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their product or business to a panel of investors. Kids as young as six years old have been featured on the show for the chance to gain investors in their company.
The new season of Shark Tank, which premieres on Friday, September 25, is slated to feature kidtrepreneurs once again. Robert Herjavec, one of of the shark investors, recently tweeted a photo of the “youngest pitcher” Shark Tank history! Make sure to tune in to see what this season’s kids have created.

Software that prevents cyberbullying

ReThink is a software program created by 15-year-old Trisha Prabhu that is designed to prevent cyberbullying. The add-on detects phrases commonly used in cyberbullying and asks the sender to reconsider sending the message. According to Trisha’s studies, this single prompt is enough to discourage users from sending the message an amazing 93% of the time!

Trisha created ReThink after reading a news story about a teen that committed suicide after continued cyberbullying. When speaking about her inspiration to create ReThink, she told TakePart: “So I thought, OK, I know how to code. I know that this is something I’m passionate about. Let me try and fuse them together to see if I can make a difference. That’s really where ReThink was born.” What an awesome use of coding skills!

Do you know an awesome kid creator? Share your story in the comments!

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