Coolest Creations by YD Kids: September Edition

We’re excited to kick off a new monthly series that shows off the awesome final projects created by Youth Digital students! Coolest Creations by YD Kids will showcase all the hard work our kids put into their final projects, as well as some of the tech skills they learned along the way.
​To kick it off, let’s take a look at “Arcade Closed,” a short animation by one of our students, KM!

This exciting video was completed by KM during our 3D Animation 1 course, which teaches kids key animation concepts as they create their own 3D movie! During “Arcade Closed,” KM shows off many of the 12 principles of animation_ that he learned, including anticipation, squash and stretch, and staging. Our favorite part was when Nobbie moved skillfully through a variety of obstacles to reach safety. The fast pace really showcased KM’s timing skills, and Nobbie’s different movements like jumping and bouncing used a variety of animation techniques. We think KM did an awesome job with “Arcade Closed” and can’t wait to see what he creates next!
Next, let’s move on to “Twilight Dust,” a fashion collection by Zoe!twilight-dusk-fashion-design

This cool project by Zoe was completed in our Fashion Design 1 course. During the course, Zoe recreated the same process that professional fashion designers use to create their collections. She picked a theme, defined her ideal customer, and then executed these awesome digital illustrations of her garments. We’re so impressed with Zoe’s use of bright colors in her Spring/Summer Collection! She also created a variety of fun patterns to use on her garments, which reflect a fun, youthful style. We think “Twilight Dust” is a great showcase of the design and illustration skills Zoe learned. Maybe we’ll see her creations walk the runway one day!
For our last creation, we want to share the Freeze Mod by Andrew!


It’s now fall, and the Freeze Mod is a great way to celebrate the cooler weather! Andrew created this seasonal mod after completing our Mod Design 1 course. In this mod, your character can suit up in armor that perfectly blends in with the background. The Freeze Mod also features three different biomes, and even a snowball fight. Andrew also created frozen x-ray blocks that are completely see-through, which is totally outside of the course curriculum! We love it when our students take the knowledge they gained in the course and apply it to create anything they can imagine.
That’s all for the September edition of Coolest Creations by YD Kids! Stay tuned next month for more impressive final projects from our students.

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