SPARKCon 2015 Wrap-Up

The Youth Digital team recently attended SPARKCon 2015, Raleigh’s annual festival of creativity. It was a blast! We love being a part of anything that celebrates creativity and innovation. SPARKCon was an exciting chance for kids from all over our home state of North Carolina to create whatever they could imagine, from art to music to Minecraft mods.sparkcon-2015

The YD team was stationed at geekSPARK, a showcase for the creative use of new and interactive media and technology. We saw some impressive exhibits, including a 50 foot guitar that you walked on to play music, interactive art installations, and a fire table with flames that moved in time to music! Kids that came to our booth were able to create their own sword mods for Minecraft. They could customize everything about their sword, including the recipe– how they’re made in Java– to how they look, including choosing its color, shape, and composition. We really enjoyed being able to meet some of our students, as well as give all kids a chance to create their own mods from start to finish!


We also participated in fashionSPARK, the largest and most popular annual fashion event in the Triangle! At our booth, kids could create their own designs on a croquis on paper, and then one of our team members would turn it into a digital creation! We think the kids really enjoyed being able to see their designs come to life using technology.


One of our favorite things about SPARKCon was how excited the kids were for all the opportunities to create! From the chance to participate in community street art to seeing robotics in action, SPARKCon was an awesome showcase of all the creativity and innovation going on in the Triangle. We look forward to attending SPARKCon for many years to come!
Our next event is Pittsburgh Maker Faire at the Children’s Museum, so come see us! You can also check out our other upcoming events and conferences for a chance to connect with the Youth Digital team.

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