5 Reasons Your Kid Should Learn to Code


In today’s world, coding is the new digital literacy, and its importance will only increase over time. The rate at which kids are able to learn new skills and acquire new information is astounding, and it makes a good case that kids are perhaps the best subset of the population to learn to code. Just think of the technology they’ll be able to build in the future if they’ve been programming since childhood.
Regardless if your kid is destined to be the next Zuckerberg or not, a fundamental knowledge of coding will set them up for success in school and in life. Here are five reasons that your kid should learn to code.

1. It boosts creativity.
While sitting in front of a computer screen may not seem like a creative pursuit, what’s going on inside kids’ heads as they learn to code is a creativity explosion! Once they’ve learned the basic tools, kids can use their coding skills coupled with their inner creativity to create and build new things.
2. Learning to code teaches valuable life lessons.
Learning to code is similar to acquiring any new skill: it takes perseverance and trial and error. But since coding is likely quite different from most things kids have tried so far in life, it presents a new set of challenges for them to overcome. Over time, learning to code will instill problem solving skills in kids as they learn the best way to programmatically accomplish the task at hand, whether that’s building their own mods for Minecraft or playing a board game that teaches coding concepts.
3. It prepares them for future job opportunities.
It should come as no surprise to parents that many of the career paths for the younger generations will likely require at least a basic knowledge of coding. Demand for computer programming jobs specifically are growing in demand at double the rate of the national average, but a number of other popular careers require coding skills as well, like project management and marketing. While knowledge of coding may not be critical for every job, it definitely sets a candidate apart and will likely be helpful in their daily work.
4. It’s a productive use of their love of technology.
According to a recent survey we conducted, up to 85% of parents believe the following statement: “My child loves technology, but I wish s/he used that passion more productively.” Coding is a great way to harness your kids’ love for technology and use it productively! From learning a real coding language like Java to creating their own video game, there are plenty of productive tech projects your kid can pursue based on their interests.
5. Coding gives kids a way to create anything they can imagine.
Kids have active imaginations, so why not give them an outlet for it? Once kids know how to code, they have the tools to create things straight from their imaginations. Instead of just downloading and playing a game on their iPhone, they can create their own game! Want to turn their Minecraft playtime into something more creative? Help them learn to create their own customized Minecraft server! There are endless options to harness kids’ imaginations using technology.
There are plenty of reasons for kids to learn to code, but perhaps the most compelling is to empower them to become creators, not just consumers, of technology. Coupled with creativity and other critical skills, coding is just one tool in kids’ collection of skills that will allow them to become tomorrow’s creators and innovators.

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