Kids in Tech Roundup for October

Image via Staples
Image via Staples

Welcome to Kids in Tech, our monthly series where we highlight the coolest innovations and creations made by kids! From fashion design to video games, kids are making a big impact in today’s world, and we want to celebrate their accomplishments.

School Supplies Designed by Students
This back to school season, Staples launched a new initiative called Designed by Students that gave middle school students a chance to create innovative school supplies for themselves and their peers.
The initial event brought together 48 students from two schools to collaborate and create tools that would simplify the school day. Over five weeks, the students researched their ideas and created prototypes that solved problems like organization and homework. The end result featured products including everything from an expandable backpack to a portable desk.
If you could create your own school supplies, what would you make?
High Schooler Wins Google Science Fair with Ebola Test
Olivia Hallisey, a 17 year old girl from Connecticut, recently won the Google Science Fair for 2015 with her low-cost test for Ebola that provides results within 30 minutes. Olivia designed the device with several new innovations, including the ability to be stored and shipped without refrigeration, as well as such a quick results rate. She was inspired to create the device after reading news articles about the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa.
Speaking to CNBC, Olivia said:
“I would just encourage girls just to try it in the beginning, remind them that they don’t have to feel naturally drawn or feel like they have a special talent for math or science, but just really just look at something they are interested in and then think how to improve something or make it more enjoyable or relate it to their interests.”
We applaud Olivia’s efforts to take on such a huge problem at such a young age! The Google Science Fair is held annually for kids ages 13 to 18 and awards the winner a $50,000 education scholarship. You can learn more about the competition here.
Headphones to Prevent Hearing Loss
Sixteen year old entrepreneur Kingsley Cheng has created Aegis Acoustics, ear-safe headphones designed to reduce the risk of permanent hearing loss, along with help from his dad. Aegis aims to empower youth to take control of their health and revolutionize auditory safety for everyone.
Aegis headphones use the company’s proprietary technology to protects listeners’ ears by actively canceling noise, limiting volume, and utilizing a digital decibel equalizer. The headphones cancel out 95 percent of ambient noise, which improves the clarity and perceived volume of whatever you’re listening to. The headphones also feature three modes (music, movies, or gaming) to further enhance the listening experience
To learn more about Aegis Acoustics or to get your own pair, check out their Kickstarter.
What’s the coolest innovation created by a kid you’ve seen lately? Share it in the comments, and stay tuned for next month’s installment of Kids in Tech!

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