Month: November 2015

Coolest Creations by YD Kids: November Edition

It’s time for our favorite monthly series, Coolest Creations by YD Kids! Each month we showcase some of the impressive final projects created by Youth Digital students. These projects reflect all the hard work our kids put into their courses, as well as some of the tech skills and software they learned along the way.
To kick it off, check out Zak’s project from one of our most popular courses, Server Design 1!

server design zak

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6 Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games

boys playing minecraftOne of the most common concerns we hear from parents is that their kids’ love of video games is causing them to spend their time unproductively. Instead of playing outside or reading a book, they’re glued to a screen. But rest assured, parents– there are proven benefits to playing video games! There have even been several recent studies that generated scientific evidence of the beneficial effects of playing video games.

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Top 10 STEAM Contests for Kids

09663aba-1d83-47e0-99a3-5e3310e3717aIt may seem that one of the last things kids want to do outside of school is something that feels like homework. However, contests are a great extra-curricular activity to get kids involved in their favorite subjects! Covering topics from science to art, there are plenty of national and regional contests open to students of all ages that are sure to excite kids and bring out their competitive spirit.

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Youth Digital’s Dream: Teach 1 Million and More Kids To Code, Design & Create

A global leader in online coding and tech education for kids, bootstrapped Chapel Hill startup hits 70,000 students taught, makes key hires to continue growth.

In an Entrepreneur Magazine profile on Youth Digital in 2013, the Chapel Hill startup’s founderJustin Richards predicted the movement to teach kids to code would increase exponentially over the next few years and Youth Digital would be a big player in it.

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Intro to Coding for Parents


You’ve seen plenty of movies with a hacker typing rapidly on a black screen. You’ve heard about how kids should be learning to code. But what actually is coding, and why is it important for kids to learn?
Coding is defined as the symbolic arrangement of statements or instructions in a computer program in which letters and digits are represented as binary numbers, or the set of instructions in a program. In simple terms, coding is what makes it possible to create websites, software, and apps. Everything you use on a computer, from your browser to the websites you visit, was created using code. Continue reading “Intro to Coding for Parents”

Tech Education Products by Youth Digital Available at Select Target and Best Buy Locations Starting Nov. 15

Chapel Hill, NC — November 11, 2015 — Youth Digital today announced that its technology education products, designed for youth ages 8 to 14, will be launching in stores and on shelves in more than 1,000 brick-and-mortar locations of Target and Best Buy beginning November 15th. The company is also expanding its online retail presence with availability on the Target, Best Buy, and GameStop websites.

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Newsday:Youth Digital Lets You Create Your Own Minecraft Server

For fans of Minecraft, I was able to test out the Youth Digital website ( It is an amazing tool to create your own Minecraft server by writing the code in Java.

They had 12 steps to follow. You choose from four maps and add custom modifications and special resources. One map was named Echo Labs, which is a modern lab space that is very sterile. Creeper Creek is more natural with animals and hidden underground, secret areas. The third map was called Mount Magna, which is a world inside a gigantic volcano with walkways over pools of lava and stalagmites. The last world, which I chose for my base server design, was Blockefeller Center, which is a huge city with a helipad. You can have battles on top of the skyscrapers and get a view of the city from the roof.

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Animation: Past, Present, and Future

nobbie animationYou know them, you love them: animated movies! With many of the top-grossing movies in recent years being animated films, this art form is more popular than ever. But how did we get from hand-drawn animated shorts to the full-CGI budget behemoths we have today? Let’s explore how animation has evolved over the years and see where it’s going to go next! Continue reading “Animation: Past, Present, and Future”