5 YouTube Channels Kids Love – and Parents Should Too!

It’s no secret that kids love YouTube. From awesome Minecraft animations to funny animal antics, most kids would spend hours on the video streaming site if their parents would let them! However, many parents have concerns about the kind of content their kids are watching on YouTube.
YouTube videos can be a positive source of fun and learning! Here are five of our favorite YouTube channels for kids. 1.  SciShow
What kinds of videos do they make? SciShow features videos about everything science, from the latest science news to most asked science questions!
Why kids love it: Every week on SciShow it’s something new. Their videos are fast-paced and fun, featuring relatable hosts and neat illustrations. With a little bit of humor and a big dose of education, SciShow is a fun way for kids to get excited about science.
Why parents should love it: SciShow videos are great chance for kids to explore science topics outside of what’s covered in their textbooks.  They answer questions like, “How does a bee become the queen of the hive?” and “Do animals cry?”– so the wide variety is sure to keep kids entertained and engaged for hours.

​2. BrainCraft
What kinds of videos do they make? BrainCraft’s videos seek to explain why humans act the way we do using psychology and neuroscience.
Why kids love it: Covering topics from how movies control your brain to how exercise can improve your memory, BrainCraft talks about concepts most kids wouldn’t otherwise hear about until a college psychology course! Their videos give kids unique insight into interesting things like perception, memory, optical illusions, emotions, and telepathy.
Why parents should love it: As a production of PBS Digital Studio, BrainCraft has high-quality content that is both educational and appealing to kids.

3. TheAtlanticCraft
What kinds of videos do they make?  Hosts Cody (theCodyMaverick) and Joe (JoeBuzz) host a kid-friendly channel jam-packed with Let’s Plays, mods, mini-games, and more that are perfect for Minecraft newbies and veterans alike!
Why kids love it: Young Minecraft fans are some of the most active YouTube users, as they seemingly can never get enough content about their favorite game. TheAtlanticCraft offers up a wide variety of videos that are sure to excite Minecraft fans of all ages.
Why parents should love it: From the unlimited options of Minecraft channels out there, TheAtlanticCraft keeps it clean and kid-appropriate while not cutting back on the fun.

4. Good Mythical Morning
What kinds of videos do they make?  This channel hosted by good guys Rhett and Link has all kinds of videos showing off their wacky shenanigans and random adventures, from trying their hand at ice sculpting to seeking out the strangest amusement park rides.
Why kids love it: Kids never know what Rhett and Link will get up to in their daily videos! They often serve as inspiration for kids to try or learn about something new.
Why parents should love it: Rhett and Link are positive, engaging role models that will bring out the adventurous, spontaneous side of your kids, all while keeping it age appropriate.

5. Geek Gurl Diaries
What kinds of videos do they make? British host Carrie Anne Philbin takes viewers through a variety of tutorials, interviews, and blogs that make technology and computer science seem fun and approachable for girls.
Why kids love it: Geek Gurl Diaries encourages girls to create, question, experiment, and engage with all things geek! From robots to soldering, there are plenty of exciting videos covering all kinds of tech topics.
Why parents should love it: Carrie is a relatable figure for young girls and covers a variety of tech topics that appeal to girls, sparking their interest in super-important STEAM subjects.

And that’s it for our five favorite YouTube channels for kids! Just make sure you know what channels your kids are watching– and that you have Restricted Mode enabled– and your kids are set for hours of fun and learning.

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