Newsday:Youth Digital Lets You Create Your Own Minecraft Server

For fans of Minecraft, I was able to test out the Youth Digital website ( It is an amazing tool to create your own Minecraft server by writing the code in Java.

They had 12 steps to follow. You choose from four maps and add custom modifications and special resources. One map was named Echo Labs, which is a modern lab space that is very sterile. Creeper Creek is more natural with animals and hidden underground, secret areas. The third map was called Mount Magna, which is a world inside a gigantic volcano with walkways over pools of lava and stalagmites. The last world, which I chose for my base server design, was Blockefeller Center, which is a huge city with a helipad. You can have battles on top of the skyscrapers and get a view of the city from the roof.

Read more on Newsday –>

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