Servers 101: A Guide for Parents

Updating ServerAlthough it’s now the norm for everyone to be at least somewhat familiar with computers and the cloud, advanced technology concepts can be baffling if you don’t have extensive experience with computers. One such tech piece that you may not have familiarity with is servers, which is basically something that shares information among multiple programs or computers.

In our course Server Design 1, we teach students to create their own server using Java programming; however, we’ve heard from many parents that they aren’t quite sure what their student is creating, even by the end of the course! So we’ve compiled an informational guide to servers so that parents can better understand the purpose of a server, and the value kids get from learning to build one.

What is a server?

In technical terms, a server is a computer program or a machine that receives requests from other computers and responds to them. Servers share data or resources among multiple computers and are often used for business purposes. However, servers can also be used to to stream videos, host video games, and play music.

There are two main types of servers: dedicated and cloud. A dedicated server is a physical server that provides a high level of data security and 24/7/365 uptime, making them perfect for large businesses or organizations that deal with sensitive data. A cloud server resides in a virtual environment and offers increased flexibility and reduced costs.

What is a Minecraft server?

A Minecraft server is a server designed to allow players to play together in the same Minecraft world. In order to play on a Minecraft server, players can join either a public or private server, or create and host their own server. Public servers must be chosen very carefully, as kids may encounter bullies or inappropriate content on some public servers. Private servers limit play to approved participants and are likely a safer choice for your kids, and creating your own secure server is the safest option of all.

Why does my kid want to build one?

Players choose to play on Minecraft servers because it provides a unique gameplay experience. From the rules to the world’s appearance, the server operator or administrator can control every aspect of the server.

Kids want to create their own Minecraft server for the same reasons they enjoy playing on other servers: it gives them a chance to play the game with their friends in a unique environment. But in the case of playing on their own server, your kid will be able to control everything from the gameplay features to making (and breaking!) their own rules.

How can my kid create a Minecraft server?

Traditionally, creating a Minecraft server can be complicated and confusing, especially for younger kids. There are plenty of online tutorials out there, but many of them are hard to follow and end up causing frustration. We offer an online course that will not only allow kids to create their own Minecraft server, but also empower them to learn real Java programming in the process!
Is your kid interested in creating a Minecraft server? Is there anything else you’d like to know about them? Let us know in the comments!

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