5 Ways to Celebrate Creativity This Holiday Season

shutterstock_340151969The kids are out of school, parents have time off from work, and everyone’s getting together to celebrate. That makes the holiday season a great time to encourage creativity with your kids, as there is plenty of time outside the classroom for kids to embrace their creative side.

Since creativity is something that needs to be nurtured and encouraged– even celebrated! — we’ve compiled a list of ways you can do exactly that this holiday season.

1. Celebrate their creations

Whether it’s a particularly ambitious science project or simply a piece of art they made, take some time together to look back on their work from the previous year and praise their achievements, noting how they’ve improved over time. You can even point out the creative aspects you especially appreciate in their projects!

2. Give creative gifts

Forget the traditional gifts and do something creative! Having kids create something handmade for friends and family members is a great way for them to say thank you to the people in their lives. From personalized DIY snow globes to made-from-scratch holiday sweets, choose something to make together that will allow kids to be creative and thoughtful in their gift giving.

3. Encourage them to create

For many families, the holidays come with a lot of down time, whether you’re staying at home or taking a long road trip to visit loved ones. Encourage your kid to make productive use of the extra time by creating, instead of just consuming. From making their own video game to building mods for Minecraft, there are options that will suit any kid’s interests. Not only will this keep them occupied and engaged during their break from school, but it will also set them up to continue creating in the new year.

4. Make your own DIY decorations

Regardless of which holidays you celebrate, there are plenty of winter DIY decorations and crafts that will bring out the creativity in your kids. Check out the endless tutorials available online to find a project that will not only encourage your kid’s creative side, but also add a little holiday cheer to your home.

5. Involve the whole family

Creativity isn’t just for kids! There are plenty of things parents can do to foster a creative environment in their home and their lives. From attending a holiday symphony as family to displaying art on your walls, show your kids that you embrace creativity in all its forms. Share your love of creative pursuits with your kids, and they will learn that creativity is something to be celebrated and enjoyed throughout their lives.

How do you encourage creativity over the holidays? Share your ideas in the comments!

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