Spotlight on Our Students: Some of Our Favorite Projects from 2015!

Before we start the new year, we’re taking some time to look back over everything our students accomplished in 2015. From amazing final projects from our two courses released this year, Server Design 1 and 3D Character Animation 1, to innovative work from old favorites like Mod Design 1, Youth Digital kids created an impressive collection of projects!

Today, we’ll spotlight five awesome projects our students created this year.

Let’s kick it off with “An Adventure in Which Seany Boy Defeats the Creeper,” one of the first final projects from our new 3D Character Animation 1 course!

We’d like to give a huge shoutout to Mark for completing the course in a matter of weeks, including a wildly impressive final project. Mark told us that he’s always wanted to be able to make his own Minecraft animations, and now he can! We’re thrilled that we were able to teach Mark the skills and tools he needs to create such awesome animated videos.

Next, let’s check out CraftMine, a project from Server Design 1!

In this video, our online teachers take you through a let’s play of an awesome Minecraft server created by our student Erick. His server is jammed-packed with fun single and multiplayer games, making it a ton of fun to play. In the course, students have the opportunity to completely customize the look, feel, and functionality of their server, and we think Erick applied his new knowledge to create an inspired final project.

Now we’ll check out a Spring/Summer fashion collection, created by our student Kiera!

Kiera created her collection during our Fashion Design 1 course. Her collection, Forest of Flowers, draws inspiration from nature to create her vibrant color palette and fun patterns. Great job, Kiera!

Next, we’ll take a look at Nobbie and the Shadow, an awesome 3D animation from our student Tristan!

In addition to its exciting plot, this animated video shows off a lot of the skills he learned in 3D Animation 1. For example, you can see multiple sets, characters, and objects in the frame throughout the video, which requires careful coordination and timing. Tristan went above and beyond with this project, and we think it’s awesome!

Lastly, we’ll spotlight one of our favorite Minecraft mods, the Endercraft Mod!

Our student Alexander created this mod after completing our Mod Design 1 course, and our founder Justin narrates this fun Let’s Play that shows off his hard work. From the full Dragonstone armor to two different swords to choose from, Alexander’s mod is a great example of what kids can create using Java.

Thank you to all of our awesome students for their hard work this year. We can’t wait to see what you create in 2016!

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