Month: January 2016

The World of 3D Character Animation

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 7.47.45 PMAlmost all kids (and most adults!) can instantly name their favorite animated character. From human characters that embody traits we want to emulate to silly animated animals whose antics are fun to watch, it’s clear that animated characters bring out something special in us.

But how are these characters brought to life? The art of animation has evolved greatly over the years, and the developments in character animation have been just as impressive. Today we’ll look at how character animation has changed and where it’s going in the future. Continue reading “The World of 3D Character Animation”

3 Technology Education Trends to Watch in 2016

2In today’s digital world, technology is a critical part of a kid’s education. From learning responsible internet use to practicing basic computer skills, technology continues to gain importance both inside and outside the classroom. In fact, President Obama recently emphasized the importance of technology education for students in his final State of the Union address. The President praised the country’s spirit of innovation, and said that, as a nation, we should build on our progress by offering every student in America hands-on computer science classes so that they will be prepared to enter the workforce “job-ready on day one.”

To meet the growing need for quality learning opportunities for technology, the field of technology education emerged, and now aims to provide new and innovative ways for students to learn essential technology fundamentals that prepare them for future success. The rapid pace with which technology is evolving demands that the field of technology education adapt even faster in order to remain relevant and valuable for students. In 2016, we expect to see great advancements in technology education, largely centered around three key themes. Here are three trends to keep an eye on this year. Continue reading “3 Technology Education Trends to Watch in 2016”

3D Printing & Modeling: A Guide for Parents

Image via Wikimedia Commons

While you’ve probably heard about 3D printing in the news– they can even 3D print cars now! — you may not be familiar with the technology and skills that 3D printing requires. This guide is designed for parents to learn about this trending technology and understand kids’ growing interest in it. Continue reading “3D Printing & Modeling: A Guide for Parents”

5 Interactive Events for Creative Kids

shutterstock_351374228Creative kids are tough to keep engaged– they’re always on to the next thing! This can be a challenge for many parents who want to fill their students’ lives outside of school with relevant, educational activities.

Beyond your kid’s regular extracurriculars, contests and conferences are a great way to explore your kids’ interests! If you missed our post on STEAM contests for kids, check it out here. Today, we’ll cover six events that make a great enrichment activity for creative kids. Continue reading “5 Interactive Events for Creative Kids”