Spotlight on Our Students: Coolest Creations by YD Kids [January Edition]

It’s time for our favorite monthly series, Coolest Creations by YD Kids! Each month we showcase some of the impressive final projects created by Youth Digital students. These projects reflect all the hard work our kids put into their courses, as well as some of the tech skills and software they learned along the way.

This month, we’re putting the spotlight on our courses that feature 3D technology: 3D Character Animation 1, 3D Printing & Modeling 1, and 3D Animation 1!

First, we’ll watch a project from our newest course, 3D Character Animation 1. Titled Run for It!, this animation was created by Youth Digital student Sam B.

This animated movie features dramatic music that fits the suspenseful plotline, and we love all of the details Sam added to make such a thrilling animation! We were particularly impressed that Sam built an extremely challenging track for the minecart to travel along. You can clearly see the animation skills that Sam gained during the course by his use of facial expressions and biped movement. Awesome job, Sam!
Next, we’ll look at a final project from Youth Digital student Jack, who just completed 3D Printing & Modeling 1!

Jack used the 3D modeling skills he acquired during the course like texturing and rendering to create this awesome turntable for the course’s main character, Sphero. His creation is now ready for printing using professional 3D printing technology!
For our last project, let’s watch an animated video created by Youth Digital student Jimmy!

This animation, titled Nobbie’s Wrong Turn, is a great representation of the broad base of animation skills that 3D Animation 1 students learn throughout the course. From techniques like squash and stretch to camera movements, Jimmy created an animation that shows of his skills and is fun to watch, Great work, Jimmy!

That’s all for the January edition of Coolest Creations by YD Kids! Stay tuned next month to see more final projects from our students.

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