5 Fun Apps for Kids, Created by Kids!

shutterstock_155810690When you think of app developers, you most likely don’t think of kids. But the younger generation has a natural affinity (and in many cases, talent) for technology, and they are already changing the game in the world of mobile apps. Through online app development courses, young coders are not only creating their own apps, but also sharing those apps with the world on the App Store. Today, we’re highlighting 5 fun, kid-friendly mobile games that were created by kids.

  1. Bubble Ball

Bubble Ball is a fun mobile game created by entrepreneur Robert Nay when he was 14 years old. The goal of the game is to move a small blue ball to the checkered flag at the end of the level using gravity and different movements available in the game. It sounds simple, but this game gets complicated pretty quickly, making it an addictive and fun game for all ages.

Bubble Ball has been downloaded more than 2 million time from the App Store, even surpassing Angry Birds as the most popular mobile game at one point. Robert taught himself how to code at his local library and had no previous coding experience before creating Bubble Ball. He wrote over 4,000 lines of code to create his hit game. Today, his company has several games in its portfolio.

  1. Doodle Kids

Doodle Kids is a drawing app that allows kids to create “paintings” on their mobile device simply by moving their finger across their phone’s touchscreen. The “ink” changes color as you draw, creating unique, beautiful paintings in minutes.

Lim Wing Den created Doodle Kids when he was only 9 years old! At the time, he was considered the youngest mobile developer in the world.

  1. Wild Ski

Created by 13 year old twin sisters Isabella and Sofia Mandich, Wild Ski is a fun mobile game where animals like hippos and kangaroos ski down slopes as the the player guides their character to avoid obstacles, jump cliffs, and control their speed.

The sisters have started their own company, Twins Rock Media, and are currently working on their next app.

  1. Impossible Rush

Designed to test your brain’s reflexes, Impossible Rush is a simple game where players rotate a square in order to catch balls of the same color in the correct sector of the square. Players can challenge their friends for the top score, making it a fun, competitive game for kids to play with their friends.

Impossible Rush was recently included on Apple’s 20 Under 20 List for 2015, which included the top 20 games created by people under 20 years old. Created by Australian teens Austin Valleskey and Ben Pasternak at the age of 15, the game was downloaded half a million times in just six weeks, reaching #1 on the Australian App Store.

  1. Football Heroes

Football Heroes is a fun, authentic football game app created by Zack Latta when he was 17 years old. The game challenges players to use end zone skill, special moves, and strategy to help their team win. The game offers multiple game modes, customization options, and a fluid touchscreen gameplay experience, making Football Heroes an amazing accomplishment for such a young programmer.

Zack Latta has gone on to found Hack Club, a movement of student-created coding clubs across the country. It’s awesome to see a young creator go on to share a love of technology with other kids.

Clearly, kids are bringing fresh ideas and an unmatched passion for technology to the mobile app market. As their generation grows into the technology leaders of tomorrow, we can’t wait to see what they will create!

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