How to Raise a Future Entrepreneur

How to Raise a Future Entreprenuer

Whether you dream of running a coffee shop or creating the next popular social network, many people aspire to start their own business one day. And while plenty of us will not realize that dream, parents can still inspire an entrepreneurial streak in their kids. So how do you raise your kids to be an entrepreneur?

Encourage Creativity

Many believe that creativity is one of the most important attributes for entrepreneurs, and luckily, it can be learned. According to experts, everyone has inherent creativity, but some kids need encouragement and support in order to feel confident in their creative abilities.

One of the best ways to encourage creativity in your child is by giving them the cognitive skills they will need to execute the creative process. Called creative problem solving skills, these tools will allow kids to think of different solutions for the different tasks and obstacles they encounter every day. This skill is invaluable for future entrepreneurs, who will tackle new and unknown problems as they start and grow their businesses.

Set Them Up for Success

Parents can give their kids a headstart on becoming an entrepreneur by providing them with the resources they will need to build critical skills like problem solving, teamwork, and accountability. Toys and games that require kids to figure it out themselves will help them work independently, while group activities like sports or academic teams will show them the importance of working with others to achieve their goals. Striking a balance between independence and collaboration will help kids to be successful in a variety of environments, emulating the entrepreneur’s journey from solopreneur to CEO.

Help Them Become a Creator

An important trademark of an entrepreneur is the ability and desire to create something new. But how do you help your kid become a creator? Luckily, creating is a broad domain! Whether your kid is an avid gamer or a future fashion designer, you can help them move from consuming their favorite things to actually creating them. Online courses and summer camps are a great way for your kid to further pursue their passions, and to create something that they are proud of.

Lead by Example

In the end, one of the best ways to raise a future entrepreneur is to lead by example. You can read about successful young entrepreneurs with your kid to show them the possibilities that their future holds, and even if you are not an entrepreneur yourself, all parents have entrepreneurial skills and experience that they can pass down to their kids.

When you look for new solutions to the obstacles of everyday life– perhaps when you find a faster route to your kid’s school, or a more efficient way to organize your kitchen– make sure to involve your kids. Encourage them to always be thinking of new ideas, and you’ll instill in them a creative, entrepreneurial mindset.

The Bottom Line

There are lots of ways to encourage your child’s inner entrepreneur, from serving as their mentor to providing them experiences that will feed their entrepreneurial side. Regardless of if your kid goes on to start their own business or not, they will have learned critical skills that will help them be successful in any of their future pursuits.

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