6 Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels for Your Young Minecraft Fan

For many young Minecraft fans, their love of the game extends far beyond the time they spend playing. Kids can pass endless hours researching new mods, reading blogs, and especially watching Minecraft videos on YouTube. From tutorials on creating new items and buildings to fun Minecraft animations, these videos receive thousands of views every day.

From concerns about inappropriate language to servers that contain indecent items, the sheer amount of Minecraft content available on YouTube can make it difficult for parents to discern which videos are age-appropriate for their kids. However, there are plenty of Minecraft videos out there that will delight kids and earn a stamp of approval from discerning parents. Here are six YouTube channels, featuring Minecraft videos, that are suitable for kids.

1. Stampy

Stampy, also known as stampylonghead or Mr. Stampy Cat, is a British cartoon cat that is the host one of the most popular Minecraft YouTube channels today. Created by Joseph Garrett, Stampy’s videos show off his upbeat persona and entertaining commentary that make him a favorite among kids. Featuring mostly Let’s Play videos, Stampy uploads a new Minecraft video every single day, which means that he always has new content for kids to enjoy.

While Stampy didn’t start out as a kid-friendly YouTuber, he quickly realized that his channel’s audience was comprised of many younger fans and removed swear words from his videos. Anything after Episode 19 should be kid appropriate!

Don’t miss: Stampy’s How to Minecraft series, perfect for newbies!

2. iBallisticSquid

Stampy’s best friend, iBallisticSquid, or Squid Nugget, is a British cartoon squid that hosts his own YouTube channel featuring fun Let’s Play videos (sometimes featuring Stampy!), mods, and challenges. Created by Garrett’s real life friend David Spencer, Squid’s videos are squeaky clean, with no inappropriate language or swearing, and they often showcase Squid’s contagious sense of humor.

Don’t miss: Crazy Craft, a zany, fun-filled series of Squid’s Minecraft adventures


3. GoodTimesWithScar

On GoodTimesWithScar, you’ll find a channel full of helpful how-to and tutorial videos for Minecraft. Scar’s specialty is building amazing structures inside his Minecraft world, Scarland, and many of his videos teach users how to build new things inside of the game, like a tree house and a greenhouse.

Don’t miss: His latest tutorial series, which shows how to build a roller coaster in Minecraft!

4. Little Lizard Gaming

Little Lizard Gaming is a YouTube channel run by two twin brothers, Ryan and Scott Ftizimons. Their channel features fun play-throughs of different Minecraft mods, and the brothers’ engaging commentary makes the videos feel like it’s just two of your friends showing you something cool they discovered.

With over 2 million subscribers, Little Lizard Gaming is a “100% kid friendly” YouTube channel where kids can find their fill of Minecraft mods, how-to’s, and more.

Don’t miss: Their fan-favorite Minecraft School mod series

5. Paulsoaresjr

Paulsoaresjr is a self-described husband, father, entrepreneur, and gamer that makes Minecraft videos that are fun for the whole family. He is credited with making the first ever Minecraft tutorial video way back in 2010.

His channel is full of Let’s Plays and tutorial videos that feature lots of helpful how-to’s and hints, making it a perfect destination for kids or families that are new to Minecraft.

Don’t miss: Minecraft Dad, where Paul and his family go on Minecraft adventures together.

6. Thinknoodles

Similar to Stampy, Thinknoodles hosts a YouTube channel designed to be fun for the whole family, including younger kids. His channel is focused less on building and more on the adventuring side of Minecraft, with videos that show off fun multiplayer maps and adventure mods.

Don’t miss: Diversity, a “Complete the Monument” map with lots of fun exploits for kids

Apart from seeking out age appropriate channels, parents can ensure their kids stay safe while exploring the seemingly endless options of Minecraft videos on YouTube using a few simple steps. First, check that you have Restricted Mode enabled for your kid’s YouTube account, to filter out inappropriate content. You can also occasionally check your kid’s watch history to ensure that they have not found a way around the parental control settings. With some parental supervision and safety measures, kids can enjoy all the Minecraft fun that the YouTube universe has to offer.

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