Month: March 2016

How to Get Girls Into Coding

How to Get Girls Coding

With coding being touted as the new foreign language, it’s clear that girls are falling behind in literacy.  According to Girls Who Code, in middle school, 74 percent of girls express interest in STEM subjects, but when they choose a college major, only 0.4 percent of girls select computer science. In 2015, girls made up less than 22 percent of all students who took the AP Computer Science exam. And only 18 percent of computer science degrees are awarded to women.

It’s clear that girls are not receiving the same technology education that their male counterparts are. But why is it so important that girls learn to code? Continue reading “How to Get Girls Into Coding”

Is Game Design a Viable Career Path for Kids?

Is Game Design a Viable PathToday, video games are more popular than ever before, with a staggering 97% of kids playing video games. Gaming is a hobby that transcends barriers like age, gender, nationality, and income, making it ubiquitous across the young population. It’s no wonder that so many kids want to design games when they grow up!

But for many parents, a career in game design is an unknown. They’re keen to help kids pursue their passions, even if it means simply finding out early on if this is not the right path for their child. But is game design truly a viable career path for kids? Continue reading “Is Game Design a Viable Career Path for Kids?”

5 More Things Every Parent Should Know About Minecraft

5 More Things About Minecraft.png

In case you missed it, this post is a follow-up to our post 5 Things Every Parent Should Know About Minecraft. Go check it out!

By now, we’re all familiar with Minecraft, the amazingly fun, never-ending sandbox game that has been popular with kids and people of all ages for more than five years. We also know that kids gain substantial benefits from playing video games. So let’s dive a little deeper into the world of Minecraft with five more things that every parent should know about their kid’s favorite game! Continue reading “5 More Things Every Parent Should Know About Minecraft”

How Kids Can Experience Virtual Reality, The Next Big Thing in Tech

Virtual RealityIt’s often been said that virtual reality is the next big thing in tech. While originally it appeared to be merely an extension for video games, new innovations have made it clear that virtual reality has a serious chance to disrupt the world of technology as we know it. From fashion week to NASA laboratories, the possible applications of virtual reality are seemingly endless.

With an emerging technology on the brink of bursting into the mass market, it’s important to expose kids to what may be one of the biggest fields of innovation in their lifetime. But how can kids get involved with virtual reality? Continue reading “How Kids Can Experience Virtual Reality, The Next Big Thing in Tech”

6 Future Careers for Your Young Coder

Future Careers for Your CoderWhether your young student is just getting interested in learning to code or if they’re already a Java genius, a background in computer science is a crucial asset for kids to be successful later in life. After all, today’s youngest generation will grow up to be tomorrow’s innovators and creators.

The recent focus on STEAM education, coupled with the new Computer Science for All initiative proposed by President Obama, ensures that this generation will receive an improved computer science education. But why is digital literacy so important, and how will it benefit them after graduation?

A background in computer science will set your kid up for a plethora of opportunities for their future career. Here are 6 jobs your young coder could choose to pursue! Continue reading “6 Future Careers for Your Young Coder”

Game Design 101: A Guide for Parents

Game Design 101

Perhaps you grew up playing Zelda, or maybe you look on with confusion as your kid plays Minecraft. If you’re a parent of a kid today, though, you’re likely quite familiar with the world of video games. Defined as an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface that creates visuals on a screen such as a TV or computer monitor, video games are one of the most popular entertainment choices for kids today. According to a study by NPD, video games are now more popular than ever with kids, with 91% of kids playing video games.

From MMORPGs to sports games, there are dozens of different types of games, which appeal to players who enjoy different aspects of gameplay, such as strategy, competition, design, or adventure. Regardless of your kid’s chosen genre of game, many young gamers consider game design as their dream career path. So what is it about game design that is so appealing to kids? Today we’ll take a look at the process of designing a video game and explore why so many kids want to pursue it. Continue reading “Game Design 101: A Guide for Parents”

What Do Kids Learn When They Play Minecraft?

What do Kids Learn in MinecraftAt first glance, Minecraft may look like any other video game: a fantasy world where players gather resources, battle obstacles, and try to stay alive. But the sandbox nature of the game actually creates a learning experience for kids where they gain valuable skills that are applicable to real life through gameplay.

So what exactly are kids learning as they play Minecraft? There must be a reason that it’s been incorporated into classrooms and homeschool curriculum, after all! Here are five things that kids learn when they play Minecraft.
Continue reading “What Do Kids Learn When They Play Minecraft?”

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Java

10 Things You Don't Know About Java

We’re not talking about coffee! Java is a computer programming language that was created for general purpose coding. Originally designed for cross-platform compatibility, meaning it can be used for a variety of different devices and programs, Java can run on almost any operating system.

But beyond the basics, Java is an incredibly interesting coding language! Here are 10 facts you probably didn’t know about Java. Continue reading “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Java”