Spotlight on Our Students: Coolest Creations by YD Kids [February Edition]

It’s time for our favorite monthly series, Coolest Creations by YD Kids! Each month we showcase some of the impressive final projects created by Youth Digital students. These projects reflect all the hard work our kids put into their courses, as well as some of the tech skills and software they learned along the way.

We strive to offer courses that fit every kid’s interests, so this month, we’re featuring final projects from a wide range of Youth Digital courses.

Let’s start with a mobile game created by our student Eli Z.!

AD1 - Eli Zak - Legend of Spot

During App Design 1, kids go from playing mobile games to creating their own game app. Eli created an awesome App called Legend of Spot. This app is filled with tons of levels, bonus worlds, and a cast of choosable characters. There is so much variety and different gameplay mechanics that it would take you quite a while to unlock everything. Awesome work, Eli!

Next, we’ll watch an animated short called “The Showdown,” created by Joshua S.!

Our newest course, 3D Character Animation 1, teaches kids the basics of character animation so that they can create animated shorts starring their favorite Minecraft characters. Joshua’s short is about an epic showdown between an Enderman and a Villager. This is such an awesome project because Joshua really used all of the skills taught in the course to make for an exciting short. The subtle facial expressions and secondary movements really brings the characters to life, and the sound design adds another layer of excitement by delivering well timed audio cues during comedic gags. We can’t wait to see your first full-length animated feature, Joshua!

For our last project this month, here’s a peek at an impressive 3D video game created by our student Adam G.!

3D1 - Adam G - Dree

Set in a futuristic environment, “Dree” is a 3D video game that challenges players to take their character across floating powered platforms, through an enemy stronghold and defeat an epic boss! Adam did a great job applying all of the skills he learned in 3D Game Design 1 like models, textures, volumes, lighting, and more to create such a visually rich game. Adam’s game is packed with custom particle effects to really immerse the player into the 3D world. Awesome work!

That’s all for the February edition of Coolest Creations by YD Kids! Stay tuned next month to see more final projects from our students.

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