6 Future Careers for Your Young Coder

Future Careers for Your CoderWhether your young student is just getting interested in learning to code or if they’re already a Java genius, a background in computer science is a crucial asset for kids to be successful later in life. After all, today’s youngest generation will grow up to be tomorrow’s innovators and creators.

The recent focus on STEAM education, coupled with the new Computer Science for All initiative proposed by President Obama, ensures that this generation will receive an improved computer science education. But why is digital literacy so important, and how will it benefit them after graduation?

A background in computer science will set your kid up for a plethora of opportunities for their future career. Here are 6 jobs your young coder could choose to pursue!

  1. Software developer

A catch-all terms for many different types of roles, software developers are also known as programmers and engineers. These developers create the software that we all use on a regular basis, from desktop applications like Microsoft Office to web applications like Facebook. Software developers can specialize in certain programming languages or become full-stack engineers, which means that they are familiar and fluent with all layers of the software.

  1. Support agent

Technology companies have a great need for support agents. Here at Youth Digital, our online teachers serve as the front lines of support for our awesome customers– our kids! Support agents must be experts in the technology they’re supporting. At Youth Digital, that means being a pro at the technology our courses teach, like animating with Blender or writing code in Java! Kids with a passion for helping people and a knack for problem solving will make great support agents.

  1. Game developer

A game developer is a specialized software developer that creates video games. Video game developers can specialize in creating video games for a specific format (e.g. consoles like Xbox, PCs) or in developing a certain type of game (e.g. role-playing games, life simulation games). Most game developers use a game engine, such as Unreal or Unity, to create their games, which most commonly use the coding languages C++ and C#. This is a great pick for young gamers, as they will get to use their knowledge of coding to create something they love.

  1. Web developer

A type of software engineer, web developers focus exclusively on developing web applications. Web developers typically know several programming languages, depending on the size of the team they work on. This career is perfect for kids who enjoy organizing ideas and finding solutions.

  1. Marketer

Although marketing may not be the first thing you think of when you think of coding, many marketers today use programming skills to be more effective at their jobs. From creating marketing emails using HTML to installing scripts on a website, there are plenty of applications for coding in the world of marketing. If your kid enjoys coding but wouldn’t want it to be the sole focus of their future job, marketing may be a good fit for them.

  1. Mobile developer

Mobile developers create apps for smartphones and other mobile devices. Mobile development encompasses writing both the backend code that makes the app function and the design that users interact with. These developers often focusing on developing apps for a particular platform like iOS or Android, although it is possible to create a cross-platform app. The most common languages used by mobile developers are Java, Objective-C, C#, and Swift. If your kid is passionate about creating apps, mobile development may be the career track for them.

Although these are some of the most popular jobs that require coding knowledge today, technology is evolving so quickly. It’s likely there will be jobs we can’t even imagine by the time today’s kids are grown up! From virtual reality to 3D printing, there are emerging frontiers that promise exciting career opportunities for young coders in the future. Regardless, a comprehensive computer science education is critical for every kid’s future success.

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