What Is a Minecraft Dimension, and Why Does My Kid Want to Create One?

What Is a Minecraft Dimension, and Why Does My Kid Want to Create One?

One key thing that sets Minecraft apart from so many other games is the ability of players to “mod,” or modify, the game by modifying the code that Minecraft is written in. Modding is many players’ favorite part of Minecraft! Mods can change almost anything about the game, which makes it a fun way to create an entirely new gaming experience inside Minecraft.

Basic mods often including making new items that players can use in the game, such as a new sword or suit of armor. Advanced mods, however, can completely alter how the Minecraft world appears and even how it functions. Modders can create whole biomes like coral reefs or dense forests, or even entirely new dimensions inside the game. Creating these mods is a great way for players to express their creativity and bring their imaginations to life.

The default (unmodified) version of Minecraft contains three dimensions: The Overworld (the regular game world), The Nether (an underground dimension), and The End (a floating island). All three dimensions can generate infinitely, but each dimension has something unique about it that makes it fun for players to explore them. Players can also mod new dimensions to create their own unique realm inside the Minecraft world.

Creating a dimension inside Minecraft is similar building to a fort: you can control how it looks, as well as what rules apply while you’re inside! Inside your own Minecraft dimension, you can customize every aspect of the landscape, as well as add advanced functionality like artificial intelligence and automatically-generating structures. Creating a dimension gives players a place to invent and create all of the complicated, exciting mods they’ve dreamed about.

However, building such an advanced mod is complicated. It requires an understanding of basic coding concepts and advanced programming skills. Our newest offering teaches young modders all the necessary skills to build their own Minecraft dimension! Mod Design 1: Dimensions is an expansion pack that allows kids to build on the coding concepts and skills they learned in Mod Design 1 to create their very own dimension in Minecraft.

If your student is ready to take their modding to the next level and code their very own Minecraft dimension, check out Mod Design 1: Dimensions today!

4 thoughts on “What Is a Minecraft Dimension, and Why Does My Kid Want to Create One?

  1. My son is very interested but he took mod design 1 over a year ago and I am not sure he remembers all he learned. Also, he can’t seem to even find his previous mod to refresh his learning. Please advise. Also, does the class come with your 30-day guarantee?


    1. Hi there and thanks for reaching out. Mod Design 1 is good for a year of service. However, if they downloaded their mod, they should be able to still access it. If not, have your son send a ticket to support and we can see if we can assist further. Also, the expansion pack doesn’t require that your Mod Design 1 still be active to take the expansion pack. It can be taken without that. It does have a 30-day money-back guarantee, but you can’t have completed more than one module of the course. Let us know if you need anything else!


      1. So he doesn’t need to be enrolled in the mod design 1 class but how much of the knowledge gained in that class will be necessary to succeed in the expansion? If he has forgotten quite a lot, how can he review?


      2. The beginning of the MD1D course should serve as a great review of MD1 concepts. Students start by making a simple block, but the course quickly ramps up in complexity after this, with that block becoming the frame for a portal to a dimension. We designed the course to be accessible to students who have taken MD1 at anytime in the past.

        Instructions are still step-by-step and support is always a click away.


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