Youth Digital Releases Mod Design Expansion Pack to Help Kids Learn to Code with Minecraft

Company Expands Most Popular Course by Four Additional Modules for Java Coding Education

Chapel Hill, NC – Youth Digital, the leading technology education organization for kids ages 8 to 14, today announced the official release of Mod Design 1: Dimensions, an expansion pack for its most popular course Mod Design 1, which teaches kids professional-level Java programming skills. The expansion pack offers students four additional modules that allow kids to deepen their knowledge of coding with Java through creating Minecraft dimensions.

“Mod Design 1: Dimensions expansion pack is the number one request we’ve heard from students and parents,” said Justin Richards, CEO of Youth Digital. “This highly anticipated course builds off of skills learned in Mod Design 1 and gives kids the opportunity to extend their knowledge of Java programming through a customized Minecraft dimension. It’s a great way to deepen students’ coding knowledge while creating a really exciting final project they can share with friends.”

Mod Design 1 lays the foundation by teaching kids professional Java programming as they learn to code with Minecraft. Throughout the modules, students watch engaging videos and create their own unique Minecraft mods.

Mod Design 1: Dimensions teaches advanced coding skills and concepts, while allowing kids to complete challenging assignments, concluding with a cutting-edge final project that tasks students with creating a customized Minecraft dimension that they can actually play and share with friends. Course highlights include:

  • Advanced Java Programming: Students will take their knowledge of Java even further as they write code from scratch.
  • Complex Coding Concepts: Kids learn how to program more complex features for their mods, like custom portals, automatically-generating structures, and advanced artificial intelligence.
  • Professional Software: Kids improve their proficiency with a professional-level Java development tool, Eclipse.

“I’m so excited about Mod Design 1: Dimensions because Mod Design 1 was my favorite Youth Digital course,” said Youth Digital student Ronan Boyarski. “I already loved making my own Minecraft mods in Mod Design 1, but the expansion pack has taught me so much more about Java programming and how to create almost everything I have ever wanted to mod!”

Included in Mod Design 1: Dimensions:

  •     10 Hours of Instruction
  •     1 Year Expansion Pack Access
  •     Support from Youth Digital’s Online Teachers
  •     Self-Paced and Project-Based Curriculum
  •     Interactive Quizzes & Challenges
  •     Final Project with Instructor Assessment

To learn more about Youth Digital and its offerings for kids to learn to code with Minecraft, please visit


About Youth Digital
Youth Digital offers a compelling mix of online courses that teach kids the critical technology concepts and skills that they will need to be successful in today’s digital world. With courses designed to be fun, interactive, and rewarding, kids ages 8 to 14 become digital creators through their breakthrough learning platform and cutting-edge curriculum. Students watch video tutorials, respond to questions, earn badges, complete interactive quizzes, and attempt challenging assignments as they step toward mastering key technology skills and professional-level software.

Founded in 2010 and based in the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, Youth Digital is committed to making technology education accessible to kids globally. Since its inception, the company has reached more than 60,000 students through its popular summer camp programs and expanding portfolio of introductory and advanced online courses. Today, students from more than 100 countries are enrolled in Youth Digital’s online courses in Java programming, game development, mobile app design, 3D printing, 3D animation, and more.

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