Parents Use Technology to Drive Creativity

Parents Use Technology to Drive Creativity

There are a lot of stats regarding the use of technology by kids. Many caution that device and technology time can be a distraction versus an educational outlet. However, the reality is the way that we interact and engage in the present day is heavily digital. So how can parents find a way to pivot technology digestion into creativity? Here are three ways to take technology and turn it from a passive engagement to an interactive one for kids.

    1. Don’t just play games, create them. Playing games is fun and in many ways reinforces problem solving skills and other key ingredients to development. But what if you could take the passion for playing games and infuse a desire to create them. It’s not unheard of for kids to create their own video games, apps, and more. There are multiple resources out there that can get your kid learning to code including Scratch, Lissa Explains it All, and Kids Ruby.
    2. Don’t just watch YouTube videos, star in them. We are all guilty of spending time watching the most recent video sensation, but what if you become the next YouTube video sensation. Creating videos with your kids can help with project management skills, creativity, story building and more. Don’t just take our word for it, but check out one of our students who has created her own YouTube channel.
    3. Don’t just be social, inspire group interaction. Kids are actively leveraging social media, and while most parents are spending the majority of their time encouraging social responsibility, another great avenue for creating inspiration is through social media. Encourage your kids, along with you, to share their multimedia content they’ve created. So instead of just using it for conversations, start conversations by sharing the latest Mod for Minecraft, or the most recent video creation, or a customized app.

We are living in a digital era, but that doesn’t mean that digital equals consumption only.  Encourage your kids to look up from the screen and envision the next digital project they will create.

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