A Youth Digital Story: Why I Love to Create

How Nicholas Found Passion for Animation

Hello everyone! My name is Nicholas, and I’m the creator of the Minecraft short film avalanche, which won a runner-up position in the 2015 winter contest at Youth Digital! Youth Digital asked its students to write essays about why we love to create on our free time. I’m super excited to get to share some of my creative passions with the rest of the world!

Creating for me has become limitless as I explore the possibilities of what I can do in the 3D animation software, blender. I have been animating in blender for about four years, even before Youth Digital released its animation courses. I have had a lot of help from a good friend, Nathaniel, who mentored me voluntarily in 3D animation from the beginning! I also, of course, learned a lot of useful techniques from none other than Youth Digital! They taught me a lot about blending movements in the dope sheet, and the NLA editor.

I love creating because you can take your imagination and bring it to life with digital applications that let you create things such as Minecraft mods and 3D animations that you can share with the rest of the world! Creating sometimes does have its limits, but with hard work and determination, you can stretch those boundaries and create just about whatever you can imagine. I still remember the thrill I had when first booted up blender. I felt like the possibilities were endless for creating and modeling the characters that I could only draw on the Windows Paint Program!  Creating 3D animations in blender, for me, has become a favorite hobby, and quite possibly a future career.

So a note to everyone reading this, you can, with hard work and determination, create just about whatever you want with the main limitation being you time and imagination. But do remember, that sometimes you need to have a team of people working together, to make something possible. Currently, I am working on the story to my next film, which is about an Easter Egg who risks everything, including his shell, for the good of everyone else. Thank you so much for reading, and I encourage you to go and create!

Here’s the link to my friend Nathaniel Winckler’s awesome website: www.natewinck.com.


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