Why Summer Fun Can Include Coding

Why Summer Fun Can Include Coding

Summer is right around the corner! However, simply because school is out doesn’t mean learning needs to stop. Don’t worry; we think your kids will actually be excited to continue their education track during the summer months.

Keeping your kids academically challenged during the summer is crucial to continuing brain development. In fact, kids whose brains aren’t engaged during the summer vacation can lose up to 60% of what they learned during the previous school year. By the time school starts again in September, they’ve forgotten fundamental lessons, which may cause them to fall behind other students.

Don’t let this free time go to waste. Summer break presents a unique opportunity for kids to explore their passions and learn skills that aren’t taught in the traditional classroom, like coding.

The number of programming-related jobs is expected to soar in the next decade and the ability to code will become an essential skill for the future workforce. In fact, our recent study found that 42% of parents list science and technology as the most important subject for their child’s education. Starting to code at a young age puts kids at a competitive advantage as it teaches important problem-solving skills that boost student performance in every academic subject.

Coding software that engages kids with creativity is a great at-home option since it allows kids to work at their own pace while creating impressive projects. At the end of the summer your kid will have knowledge in an emerging technology sector and a finalized project to show for their hard work.

But, your kid doesn’t only have to learn independently!

Summer break is the perfect opportunity to enroll your kid in a coding camp. These camps, like ours, inspire an interest not taught in mainstream education, while promoting creativity and productivity. Here are three benefits of enrolling your kid in a coding camp for the summer:

  1. An opportunity to meet other kids interested in coding. Kids can discuss and collaborate on their projects, which teaches vital teamwork skills. Working with peers can also inspire a passion for computer science beyond the summertime by meeting up with their new friends during the school year to show off their latest creations.
  1. In-person access to dedicated, top-notch professionals. Teachers can be more hands-on in person and motivate kids to stay on task by fostering an environment that welcomes curiosity and creativity. These professionals become role models for the campers, as they show kids real-life examples of where coding can take your career.


  1. A structured day filled with different activities. Coding camps aren’t just about sitting in front of a computer. The days are broken up to give campers a chance to play outside and get involved in fun games. Kids can exercise minds while still enjoying the benefits of the warm summer months.

Whether it’s an at-home program or a camp dedicated to computer science, you can’t go wrong with teaching your kid how to code this summer. This valuable skill will transcend their academic careers and provide necessary brain development that is essential for long-term personal and professional growth.

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