The Top 5 Youth Digital Blog Posts

If you are looking for the hottest topics fresh on parent’s minds, look no further than the Youth Digital blog. We have collected the five hottest Youth Digital blog posts over the last 12 months and collected them in one area. The common theme: Minecraft. Is it productive? Is it safe? We answer those questions and more below.

  1. 5 Things Parents Should Know About MInecraft. Many parents worry about their kids wasting time on video games, and also about the potentially violent or inappropriate content of those games. While it’s true that some video games aren’t suitable for kids, many games present a valuable learning opportunity and can be a productive use of your kids’ time.
  2. 5 More Things Every Parent Should Know About MInecraft. By now, we’re all familiar with Minecraft, the amazingly fun, never-ending sandbox game that has been popular with kids and people of all ages for more than five years. We also know that kids gain substantial benefits from playing video games. So let’s dive a little deeper into the world of Minecraft with five more things that every parent should know about their kid’s favorite game!
  3. What Do Kids Learn When They Play MInecraft? At first glance, Minecraft may look like any other video game: a fantasy world where players gather resources, battle obstacles, and try to stay alive. But the sandbox nature of the game actually creates a learning experience for kids where they gain valuable skills that are applicable to real life through gameplay. So what exactly are kids learning as they play Minecraft? There must be a reason that it’s been incorporated into classrooms and homeschool curriculum, after all! Here are five things that kids learn when they play Minecraft.
  4. 6 Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games. One of the most common concerns we hear from parents is that their kids’ love of video games is causing them to spend their time unproductively. Instead of playing outside or reading a book, they’re glued to a screen. But rest assured, parents– there are proven benefits to playing video games! There have even been several recent studies that generated scientific evidence of the beneficial effects of playing video games.
  5. Top 10 STEAM Contests for My Kid. It may seem that one of the last things kids want to do outside of school is something that feels like homework. However, contests are a great extra-curricular activity to get kids involved in their favorite subjects! Covering topics from science to art, there are plenty of national and regional contests open to students of all ages that are sure to excite kids and bring out their competitive spirit.

What are your thoughts? Are there other posts that resonated more? Tell us what you think.

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