Why I love to code

Why I love to code

By Sam D., Youth Digital student

Hi, I’m Sam D. I’m a programmer! I created a company with some of my friends called ‘Funny Sharks United’. I have created many games such as ‘Bouncing’ and ‘Bouncing 2’. Youth Digital has asked why we love to create, and I wanted to share my thoughts.

I love to create because you set your own rules, boundaries, and can go wherever your imagination takes you. You can create your own world, dimension, galaxy, design, or anything! Creating is easy, and fun. Coding may seem challenging at first and you might say, “This looks hard”, but it’s actually not.

I love creating because you don’t have to follow someone else’s order, you make your own order. To me that’s amazing.  Plus your friends can play whatever you made and you love seeing them laugh and smile at what you created.

Each time you create something, it’s exciting! I remember when I first made my character launch in App Design 1, I ran downstairs and yelled to my dad, “DAD. DAD. DAD. I JUST MADE A BLUE BALL LAUNCH!”

Whatever new component I had coded, I would get excited at my accomplishments! And while half of the time people wouldn’t know what I was talking about, I still knew I had done something amazing.

I have health problems. When I was in the hospital and I created something new, it would make me happy- even when I was suffering from lots of pain.

Whenever you learn how to code, design, or animate you have the ability to go deeper within the software and learn new things. I have done that and I’m creating things that aren’t even in COURSES!

Creating is really awesome. It’s like being a mayor of a city. So I suggest if you have never created anything to consider exploring taking a creative journey through app design, game design or coding.

Keep staying creative!

-Sam D.

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