Month: September 2016

Why I Love to Create: Caleb

Why I Love to Create: Caleb

Hello, my name is Caleb and I am excited to share all of the reasons that I like to create.
First, creating is not like anything else. You can take your amazing ideas and digitally apply them into a 3D game, app, mod, or animation. To me, being able to create is like being bilingual. In fact, by 2020, quite a few STEM careers will include computer programming. This is an amazing number and I enjoy being able to learn some basic programming.
Whatever I have created, from a flying reindeer in my mod CookieCraft or making cool cutscenes in my app, Bowler Bash (not yet released!), I have always had lots of fun making my ideas come to life. Every single Minecraft item and every single if/then statement that I’ve programmed was awesome. Here are two more reasons that I like to create:
  • I can let my imagination run wild.
  • Programming is like a puzzle with lots of pieces to put together.
I like to create so much that I’m creating a software company called Cliffdrop Creative. I will use my company to make apps and other programming masterpieces.
Programming is also a great source of entertainment, so when you can’t go outside because you’d turn into a water monster, can’t find your book, and your iPad is out of battery, you can have something that will help you get a job instead.
No rules or boundaries are found in creating. It’s what you want, when you want, how you want. For example, if you want a giant troll that can control the gravity of Jupiter and you have to defeat the troll by destroying all his hot dogs (just an idea!) you can do that. The only limits are the storage space on your computer and your imagination.
If you do not think creating sounds fun, think again. And if it still doesn’t sound totally awesome, I don’t know what will be. Keep creating!
Fashion Design – New York Fashion Week

Fashion Design – New York Fashion Week

To all of our fashion design friends out there! This past week was a big event, September 8 – 15, New York kicked off the fashion world’s global tour of all things avant garde, couture, and on trend for many acclaimed designers’ 2017 Spring lines. This year’s shows included works from couture mainstays, large retail chains, and lots of newcomers trying to make waves in their NYFW debut.

This season’s collections saw lots of creativity from use of vibrant colors, bold prints, and mixtures of textures. The hybrid athleisure (athletics + leisure) wear has shown its longevity with a strong statement from a familiar brand having it’s fashion week debut, Under Armour.

This year was collaborations. Recording artist Rihanna joined forces with athletic apparel group Puma to create Fenty X Puma and model, Gigi Hadid, took a leading role with design house Tommy Hilfiger for TOMMYXGIGI.

With all of the excitement that engulfs New York City over the course of this week and trends to follow, a staple of the weekly semi-annual event is the interpretations of fashion expressed on the pavement runways of the city.

As published by New York Times, here are some of the best outfits outside of the main events:

NY Times Best of Street Style – NYFW 2016

We are so excited about this past week, it is time for us to create our own designs! Time to login to our Fashion Design 1 course to get a jumpstart in the fashion design industry. Fashion Design 1

Now that we have seen what New York had to offer – we are anticipating great things from London, Milan, Paris, and YOU!


Why I Love to Create: Sofie

Why I Love to Create: Sofie

I like to create because I am a right brained person. I am the creative soul who needs to burst out, for others fear to do so. I feel it’s my calling to use my creative skills for the good of others and hopefully bring out the good in others!

Where I mainly put my talent is in animation. Since I was young, I was marveled by the illusion of life created by animation. Over the years, I have found it a coping mechanism for my anxiety, I found a soothing rhythm in frame by frame 2D animation and the bounciness of 3D animation. My creation through animation has lead me to write screenplays and short stories, I even plan to start my own productions company when I’m older in hopes to inspire others to create!

My passion will burn with me for the rest of my life, and hope that one day my works are looked upon with the same awe that I have when I look upon another’s creation. I love to create!