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Is Game Design a Viable Career Path for Kids?

Is Game Design a Viable PathToday, video games are more popular than ever before, with a staggering 97% of kids playing video games. Gaming is a hobby that transcends barriers like age, gender, nationality, and income, making it ubiquitous across the young population. It’s no wonder that so many kids want to design games when they grow up!

But for many parents, a career in game design is an unknown. They’re keen to help kids pursue their passions, even if it means simply finding out early on if this is not the right path for their child. But is game design truly a viable career path for kids? Continue reading “Is Game Design a Viable Career Path for Kids?”

Game Design 101: A Guide for Parents

Game Design 101

Perhaps you grew up playing Zelda, or maybe you look on with confusion as your kid plays Minecraft. If you’re a parent of a kid today, though, you’re likely quite familiar with the world of video games. Defined as an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface that creates visuals on a screen such as a TV or computer monitor, video games are one of the most popular entertainment choices for kids today. According to a study by NPD, video games are now more popular than ever with kids, with 91% of kids playing video games.

From MMORPGs to sports games, there are dozens of different types of games, which appeal to players who enjoy different aspects of gameplay, such as strategy, competition, design, or adventure. Regardless of your kid’s chosen genre of game, many young gamers consider game design as their dream career path. So what is it about game design that is so appealing to kids? Today we’ll take a look at the process of designing a video game and explore why so many kids want to pursue it. Continue reading “Game Design 101: A Guide for Parents”

6 Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games

boys playing minecraftOne of the most common concerns we hear from parents is that their kids’ love of video games is causing them to spend their time unproductively. Instead of playing outside or reading a book, they’re glued to a screen. But rest assured, parents– there are proven benefits to playing video games! There have even been several recent studies that generated scientific evidence of the beneficial effects of playing video games.

Here are six surprising benefits kids get from playing video games. Continue reading “6 Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games”