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Fashion Design 101: A Guide for Parents

Fashion Design 101 A Guide for Parents

Whether you’re an avid Project Runway fan or if you dread shopping for new clothes, fashion is an integral part of our everyday lives. Different styles, patterns, and colors are only a few of the choices we make when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. But have you ever thought about the process that creates fashion? It’s likely that more skill and effort went into the shirt and shoes you’re wearing than you presume.

Maybe you have a young fashion fan at home, or are simply curious about the technology and skills required to be a fashion designer. Today, we’ll be taking a look into the world of fashion design and why parents should nurture their kids’ interest in it. Continue reading “Fashion Design 101: A Guide for Parents”

Spotlight on Our Students: Some of Our Favorite Projects from 2015!

Before we start the new year, we’re taking some time to look back over everything our students accomplished in 2015. From amazing final projects from our two courses released this year, Server Design 1 and 3D Character Animation 1, to innovative work from old favorites like Mod Design 1, Youth Digital kids created an impressive collection of projects!

Today, we’ll spotlight five awesome projects our students created this year.

Let’s kick it off with “An Adventure in Which Seany Boy Defeats the Creeper,” one of the first final projects from our new 3D Character Animation 1 course!

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The Future of Fashion: Technology’s Impact on Fashion Design

Image via Pixabay

Like every industry, the fashion world has been greatly impacted by technology. From innovations throughout history like the cotton gin and sewing machines to new trends like wearable technology and performance fabrics, the way we make, wear, and consume fashion changes considerably with every new season.

New technology is poised to help the fashion industry become one of the most innovative fields in existence. Here’s a look at some technology trends that are shaping today’s fashions. Continue reading “The Future of Fashion: Technology’s Impact on Fashion Design”

SPARKCon 2015 Wrap-Up

The Youth Digital team recently attended SPARKCon 2015, Raleigh’s annual festival of creativity. It was a blast! We love being a part of anything that celebrates creativity and innovation. SPARKCon was an exciting chance for kids from all over our home state of North Carolina to create whatever they could imagine, from art to music to Minecraft mods.sparkcon-2015

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Coolest Creations by YD Kids: September Edition

We’re excited to kick off a new monthly series that shows off the awesome final projects created by Youth Digital students! Coolest Creations by YD Kids will showcase all the hard work our kids put into their final projects, as well as some of the tech skills they learned along the way.
​To kick it off, let’s take a look at “Arcade Closed,” a short animation by one of our students, KM!

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Kids in Tech Roundup for September

Welcome to Kids in Tech, our new monthly series where we highlight the coolest developments in technology made by kids! From fashion design to video game creation, kids are making a big impact in today’s tech world, and we want to celebrate their accomplishments.
Here are some of this month’s tech news stories featuring kids that we thought were particularly awesome! Continue reading “Kids in Tech Roundup for September”