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5 Interactive Events for Creative Kids

5 Interactive Events for Creative Kids

Creative kids are tough to keep engaged– they’re always on to the next thing! This can be a challenge for many parents who want to fill their students’ lives outside of school with relevant, educational activities.

Beyond your kid’s regular extracurriculars, contests and conferences are a great way to explore your kids’ interests! If you missed our post on STEAM contests for kids, check it out here. Today, we’ll cover six events that make a great enrichment activity for creative kids.

1. LEGO Kids Fest

What? LEGO Kids Fest is a 3-day event filled with fun interactive, creative and educational activities for the whole family. It’s a hands-on event where kids of all ages can make awesome creations with LEGOs and participate in other activities like rock climbing, art projects, and feats of engineering.

Who? LEGO Kids Fest is great for kids and families of all ages!

Where? When? The Fest travels around North America each year. Check their schedule to see when it stops in a city near you.

Why kids will love it: LEGO Kids Fest brings a hands-on approach to creating creators. Through the various activities offered at the Fest, each kid is sure to create something awesome during the event.

2. Young Innovators Fair

What? The Young Innovators Fair is an event that brings science, technology, engineering, and math to the forefront for kids. The Fair offers ten distinct Innovation Worlds focused on themes like robots and coding, with a variety of exhibits, activities, and experiments for kids.

Who? Young innovators ages K-12 are encouraged to attend!

Where? When? The Young Innovators Fair just passed but stay tuned to their website to see when the next event will happen!

Why kids will love it: With over 40 exhibits and attractions, kids are sure to find an activity that appeals to their interests. From launching their own rocket to learning about dinosaurs, there’s something for everyone!

3. Maker Faire

What? Also known as the Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth, Maker Faire is part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new! According to their website, Maker Faire is a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Who? Maker Faire gives people of all ages a chance to be makers of art, technology, or whatever sparks their interest. They also sponsor the Young Makers program, which gives kids ages 8 to 18 a space to be makers in their own communities.

Where? When? Started in 2006 in San Francisco, Maker Faire has quickly become a national phenomenon, with approximately 150 Faires all over the country last year! Find an upcoming fair near you here.

Why kids will love it: At the 10th Annual Maker Faire, there were ten workshops designed specifically for kids, including a chance for kids to create their own electronic circuit, as well as a station for kids to try their hand at woodworking. Each Maker Faire offers a new, unique experience to inspire kids and adults alike to become Makers.

4. Kids Hack Day

What? Kids Hack Day is a global series of events that give kids the chance to be creative and innovative as they invent new technologies. It’s a one-day event where kids come together to hack and make new uses of everyday items.

Who? Kids of all ages!

Where? When? Kids Hack Day has held events all over the world, from San Francisco to Sydney! The next one is happening in Sweden and you can check out their website for upcoming events.

Why kids will love it: Kids Hack Day encourages kids to think differently about the uses of items they encounter every day. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience for kids globally!

5. USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo

What? The USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo is a national science fair that aims to put the spotlight on STEM subjects. At this free event, over 1,000 STEM organizations will present hands-on science and engineering activities for people of all ages.

Who? All ages!

Where? When? The Expo will take place on April 16-17, 2016, in Washington, D.C. Find out all you need to know about attending here!

Why kids will love it: As one of the largest STEM events in the country, the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo, is a dream come true for creative kids. It’ll take the two full days to experience all of the activities and exhibits available for kids, so plan accordingly!

Events and fairs are a great way to encourage kids’ creativity and empower them to become creators. Any of these events is sure to be a great experience for the whole family!

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