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5 More Things Every Parent Should Know About Minecraft

5 More Things About Minecraft.png

In case you missed it, this post is a follow-up to our post 5 Things Every Parent Should Know About Minecraft. Go check it out!

By now, we’re all familiar with Minecraft, the amazingly fun, never-ending sandbox game that has been popular with kids and people of all ages for more than five years. We also know that kids gain substantial benefits from playing video games. So let’s dive a little deeper into the world of Minecraft with five more things that every parent should know about their kid’s favorite game! Continue reading “5 More Things Every Parent Should Know About Minecraft”

How Kids Can Experience Virtual Reality, The Next Big Thing in Tech

Virtual RealityIt’s often been said that virtual reality is the next big thing in tech. While originally it appeared to be merely an extension for video games, new innovations have made it clear that virtual reality has a serious chance to disrupt the world of technology as we know it. From fashion week to NASA laboratories, the possible applications of virtual reality are seemingly endless.

With an emerging technology on the brink of bursting into the mass market, it’s important to expose kids to what may be one of the biggest fields of innovation in their lifetime. But how can kids get involved with virtual reality? Continue reading “How Kids Can Experience Virtual Reality, The Next Big Thing in Tech”

Game Design 101: A Guide for Parents

Game Design 101

Perhaps you grew up playing Zelda, or maybe you look on with confusion as your kid plays Minecraft. If you’re a parent of a kid today, though, you’re likely quite familiar with the world of video games. Defined as an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface that creates visuals on a screen such as a TV or computer monitor, video games are one of the most popular entertainment choices for kids today. According to a study by NPD, video games are now more popular than ever with kids, with 91% of kids playing video games.

From MMORPGs to sports games, there are dozens of different types of games, which appeal to players who enjoy different aspects of gameplay, such as strategy, competition, design, or adventure. Regardless of your kid’s chosen genre of game, many young gamers consider game design as their dream career path. So what is it about game design that is so appealing to kids? Today we’ll take a look at the process of designing a video game and explore why so many kids want to pursue it. Continue reading “Game Design 101: A Guide for Parents”

What Do Kids Learn When They Play Minecraft?

What do Kids Learn in MinecraftAt first glance, Minecraft may look like any other video game: a fantasy world where players gather resources, battle obstacles, and try to stay alive. But the sandbox nature of the game actually creates a learning experience for kids where they gain valuable skills that are applicable to real life through gameplay.

So what exactly are kids learning as they play Minecraft? There must be a reason that it’s been incorporated into classrooms and homeschool curriculum, after all! Here are five things that kids learn when they play Minecraft.
Continue reading “What Do Kids Learn When They Play Minecraft?”

Spotlight on Our Students: Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day


Today marks the 15th year of Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, or Girl Day, a program sponsored by DiscoverE which aims to introduce more than one million girls and young women to engineering. More than just a day, this is a national movement to show girls how creative engineering is and how engineers are changing our world. Girl Day is one of the key events in Engineers Week, an annual event which lasts from February 21 to 27, 2016. Continue reading “Spotlight on Our Students: Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day”

Why the White House Committed $4 Billion to Technology Education

Why the White House CommittedIn January, President Obama announced a new initiative called Computer Science for All, which proposed over $4 billion in funding for schools across the US to increase their computer science offerings. The President’s aim with this initiative is to empower a generation of American students to learn the technology skills they will need to become creators, not just consumers, in our digital world. Sounds familiar to us! Continue reading “Why the White House Committed $4 Billion to Technology Education”

Fashion Design 101: A Guide for Parents

Fashion Design 101 A Guide for Parents

Whether you’re an avid Project Runway fan or if you dread shopping for new clothes, fashion is an integral part of our everyday lives. Different styles, patterns, and colors are only a few of the choices we make when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. But have you ever thought about the process that creates fashion? It’s likely that more skill and effort went into the shirt and shoes you’re wearing than you presume.

Maybe you have a young fashion fan at home, or are simply curious about the technology and skills required to be a fashion designer. Today, we’ll be taking a look into the world of fashion design and why parents should nurture their kids’ interest in it. Continue reading “Fashion Design 101: A Guide for Parents”

5 Fun Apps for Kids, Created by Kids!

shutterstock_155810690When you think of app developers, you most likely don’t think of kids. But the younger generation has a natural affinity (and in many cases, talent) for technology, and they are already changing the game in the world of mobile apps. Through online app development courses, young coders are not only creating their own apps, but also sharing those apps with the world on the App Store. Today, we’re highlighting 5 fun, kid-friendly mobile games that were created by kids. Continue reading “5 Fun Apps for Kids, Created by Kids!”

Parents and Technology Education: Challenges and Opportunities

1Gone are the days where education was as simple as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Today, students are expected to learn a variety of skills and subjects to keep up with our changing world. From foreign language to technology, expectations for what kids should learn in school have been drastically altered in the digital age.

One critical component of the new curriculum for students is technology. Not only is the internet a critical tool for learning, but almost all careers require knowledge and use of some sort of technology. As an emerging trend, technology education presents numerous challenges for students, parents, and educators, but it also provides a unique opportunity for students. Continue reading “Parents and Technology Education: Challenges and Opportunities”

The World of 3D Character Animation

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 7.47.45 PMAlmost all kids (and most adults!) can instantly name their favorite animated character. From human characters that embody traits we want to emulate to silly animated animals whose antics are fun to watch, it’s clear that animated characters bring out something special in us.

But how are these characters brought to life? The art of animation has evolved greatly over the years, and the developments in character animation have been just as impressive. Today we’ll look at how character animation has changed and where it’s going in the future. Continue reading “The World of 3D Character Animation”